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1- Ocean Freight Inbound and Out bound
Being a leading international logistics firm, ALTRON provides worldwide ocean freight transportation TO & FROM all major ports overseas with a complete range of ocean freight services for all types of LCL Cargo shipments or full-container loads ( FCL), special containers such as Open Top, Flat Racks, ISO Tanktainers, Ventilation containers, platforms, felixtanks or full and partial charters, roll-on/roll-off, and barge cargo transportation. Through the operation of our NVOCC, we provide customized ocean carriage to meet all our customers' needs.
2- Airfreight inbound and outbound
Being a leading international logistics firm, we can handle air freight delivery to any city and country. Having partnered with global carriers, we can provide reasonable rates while guaranteeing timely delivery of goods to the required destination. All shipments can be tracked online, so you can always be kept aware about the location and status of your cargo
3- MCC Operations
Multiple-country consolidations (MCC) involve the consolidation of cargo from multiple points of origin in different countries to deliver a full container load (FCL). Such shipments are ideal for the import of low volumes of cargo from multiple countries. In such cases, shipping the items individually can amount to a high cost, so MCC is used as a more cost effective solution. This type of shipping also gives companies the opportunity to source their supplies from multiple countries without having to worry about increased cost and complexity in logistics. With our integrated solutions, you can take full advantage of the flexibility provided by MCC to expand your business.
4- Project Cargo & Break bulk cargo Management
For large construction projects, such as the construction of power plants, petrochemical factories and manufacturing plants, or for extensive mining and drilling operations, a large amount of equipment and supplies will need to be delivered to the site location. At ALTRON, we understand that such projects are bound to a strict schedule where minor delays in shipments can accumulate to cause major delays in progress. With this in mind, we ensure that your logistics operations are handled in a timely and efficient manner to guarantee the successful outcome of your project. When it comes to transportation of such large shipments, we have an experienced and reliable team of professionals to handle Project, Break Bulk and Heavy cargo. Instead of operating as a standalone contractor, we strive to provide our clients with the same benefits they would see from an in-house project management team. We will work in coordination with your purchasing operations to ensure our operations are handled according to your schedule. In our provision of logistics solutions for your project, we also ensure that redundancies in the supply procedures are minimalized to prevent unnecessary expenses. This has played a major role in gaining the confidence and loyalty of our clients through the years, and we see the positive affirmations of each of our clients as a major achievement.
5- Customs Clearing, Intending & Brokerage.
Clearing shipments through customs can be a complicated process at times, especially with shipments of volatile materials. Having been a leading provider of logistics solutions for many years, we are well-versed with the process of clearing cargo from customs. We can ensure the fast processing of your cargo, helping you avoid lengthy procedures and getting stock to your store where it is needed.
6- Door to Door Services (DDU/DDP)
Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU/DAP) is a term of delivery where the seller meets the expenses of delivering the goods to the buyer, including cost of loading, shipping and delivery, but is not responsible for payment of tax or duty in the importing country. Delivered Duty Paid is a similar delivery agreement where the seller meets all the expenses of delivery, including duty or taxes. Depending on your requirements, we can arrange for the appropriate delivery terms and ensure that your goods are safely delivered from your supplier right to your doorstep with the utmost efficiency.
7- Cross / Triangular trade, Entry Port Cargo & Switch BL Cargo
Altron is an international provider of logistics solutions, and we can handle a wide range of shipping arrangements, such as the processing of the Bill of Lading and handling the unloading of cargo at the port of entry. We can also facilitate cross/triangular trade arrangements, depending on the requirements of our clients.
8- Logistics & Shipping Consultancy
Our experienced consultants are in a position to help you with all your logistics needs. Whether you need help acquiring the best international suppliers for your business, or need to find the most cost effective transportation methods for your valuable shipments from Origin to Destination within the shortest transit or need to deliver the cargo in geographically difficult location, our expert consultants will be able to deliver the solutions you need.
9- Cargo Insurance
The safety of your cargo will definitely be a top priority when shipping, and you will be looking to reduce the risk to your shipment as much as possible. We can help you reduce liability though the provision of cargo insurance. Rely on our experience to protect against the risk of damage and loss of your goods.

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