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The hospitality industry is one that is particularly time-critical. As this is a service industry, the inventory wasted today cannot be recovered tomorrow. Therefore, efficiency is prioritized when handling the supply chain for hospitality partners, and effective logistics solutions can have a concrete effect on the bottom line of an establishment.

As a leading logistics provider in the region, our logistics solutions support Hotels, Resorts and Casinos whether they are undertaking construction or refurbishment, or require replenishment services. Owing to the close relationships we maintain with our clients, we can guarantee the efficient supply of equipment and inventory to your establishment when it is needed a through and expert knowledge in the Hotel Logistics industry.

We ensures that furniture, fixtures, operating supplies and other equipment are delivered and installed, transportation must be optimally coordinated, meeting ample packaging requirements and delivery and installed on specific dates.

Our team of experts have managed all types of different size projects but all with their on own complex processes and support to the customers. We design transportation models, assist with the freight budgets to balance business objectives with cost effective plans and solutions.

Services include:

  1. Logistical survey of hotel site and transportation routes to/from project site.
  2. Supplier and order follow-up, updating procurement agents and site managers.
  3. Set-up project warehouse within a cost effective radius and run road test to site
  4. Delivery to hotel or project site receiving dock and room delivery with debris removal
  5. Unpacking, installation and recycling services

Replenishment programs & Amenities

We and our agents specialize in supplying luxury toiletries, quest amenities and spa products to all different types of the hospitality market and cruise lines – Worldwide and on demand.

Our customized logistics solutions support replenishment requirements for all types of hospitality items from personal care items, Room and F&B accessories, and textiles and disposal items via:

  1. Regular stock replenishment from centralized warehouses.
  2. Worldwide supply chain coordination via our global network of distribution centers and partner agents
  3. Warehouse management and inventory control systems, providing guaranteed, usage-determined and occupancy related amenities, weekly, monthly and quarterly as required.